Emberglow Helps Drive Social Change

Emberglow strives to support black businesses, creators, and communities. Both locally and nationally.

Support in the

Modern Era

The Black community makes up 13% of the American population, but only 7% of businesses. As business resources, training, and capital are unequally skewed against black businesses, Emberglow fights to shine a light on these businesses.

Strengthening Community Connections

As we racial inequality, and police brutality gain national attention, communities need to stand together now more than ever. By helping people learn more about their communities and city, we aim to strengthen these connections and community involvement. 

Fighting for Equality

Emberglow understands and stands in solidarity with the fight for equality and an end to police brutality. Emberglow donates 10% of monthly profit to various charities and organizations. To ensure accountability, we release a monthly newsletter informing all of our users how much and where these donations are made.

Support Your Community

Download Emberglow today and support your local community, the betterment of the lives of your neighbors, and an end to social injustice.


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