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Emberglow connects you to a hyper-focused customer base. Our customers love to shop local and shop smartly. They love their communities and love supporting their local businesses and creators.

Be where your

customers are

We have multiple locations for ad placement depending on your needs. Want to reach all of our users? Then a Home Page ad is perfect for you. Want to show off a new sale or grand opening for your business? A Business Page ad is the one. Or maybe you have a new product or sale going on? Then we offer two ad slots for you on the Shop Page.

Pricing Plans

Our ads offer a set pricing plan, helping you budget your ads better thank Instagram, Facebook, or Google would. Rather than paying per click or per impression, you pay a flat fee per day. 

As Emberglow launches, all in-app ads are free until August 31st, 2020!

1446 x 521 pixel ad

Located on top of page

Perfect for businesses looking to advertise a sale. Reach customers looking specifically for businesses.

until 08/31/2020

Business Ad

1446 x 521 pixel ad

Located on top of page


1446 x 1967 pixel ad

located below top ad

Perfect for shops and creators advertising your addition to the app or a new sale.

until 08/31/2020

Shop Ads

1421 x 833 pixel ad

Located on top of page

Perfect for businesses and shops looking to reach the maximum number of people. Be seen by every single visitor to the app.

until 08/31/2020

Home Ad

Sponsored post on Instagram, or in our Instagram Stories, or even inclusion in an email marketing campaign.


Social Ads


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